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The National University of Agriculture, La Molina, Peru

 Maca Root Composition Profile

Analytical Composition of Maca Root
Components Percentage
Water 10.4%
Proteins 10.2%
Lipids 2.2%
 Carbohydrates 59%
Whole Fiber 8.5%
Ash 4.9%
Vitamin Mg
B1 Thiamine 0.20mg
B2 Riboflavin 0.35mg
C 10mg
E 87mg
Amino Acids
Amino Acid Mg Concentration/G of Protein
Aspartic acid 91.7mg
Glutanic acid 156.5mg
Serine 50.4mg
Histidine 21.9mg
Glycine 68.3mg
Threonine 33.1mg
Crystine N/D
Alanie 63.1mg
Arginine 99.4mg
Tyrosine 30.6mg
Phenylalanine 55.3mg
Valine 79.3mg
Methionine 28.0mg
Isoleucine 47.4mg
Leucine 91.0mg
Lysine 54.3mg
Tryptophan N/D
H.O. Proline 26.0mg
Proline 0.5mg
Sarcosine 0.7mg
Sterols (as steryl acetate derivatives)
Sterol Present Of Sterol Mixture Retension Time (min.)
Bra ssicasteryl acetate 9.1 22.4
Ergosteryl acetate 13.6 23.8
Campesteryl acetate 27.3 25.0
Ergostadientyl acetate 4.5 27.5
Sitosteryl acetate 45.5 19.5
Fatty Acids (as methyl ester derivatives)
Fatty Acid Percent of Methyl Ester Mixture
Dodecanoic (lauric) 0.8%
7-Tridecenoic 0.3%
Tridecanoic 0.1%
Tetradecanoic (myristic) 1.4%
7-Pentadecenoic 0.5%
Pentadecanoic 1.1%
9-Esadecenoic (palmitolete) 2.7%
Esadecanoic (palmitic) 23.8%
9-Heptadecenoic 1.5%
Heptadecanoic 1.8%
9,12 Octadecadienoic (linoliec) 12.6
9-Octadecenoic (oleic) 11.1%
Octadecanoic (stearic) 6.7%
11- Nonadecanoic 1.3%
Nonadecanoic 0.4%
15-Eicosenoic 2.3%
Eicosanoic (archidie) 1.6%
Docosanoic (behenic) 2.0%
15 Tetracosenoic (nervonic) 0.4%
Tetracosanic (lignoceric) 0.4%
Fatty acid saturated 40.1%
Fatty acid unsaturated 52.7%
Saturated/Unsaturated Ratio 0.76

Mineral Composition

Mineral Mg/100g
Fe (Iron) 16.6mg
Mn  (Manganese) 0.8mg
Cu (Copper) 5.9mg
Zn (Zinc) 3.8mg
Na (Sodium) 18.7mg
K (Potash) 2050.0mg
Ca (Calcium) 150.0mg


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