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Men's Reaction to Erectile Dysfunction and Viagra®

Erectile dysfunction can affect men of any age although the common consumer view is that it only affects men over retirement age. With the advent of potentially successful treatment drugs such as Viagra® (sildenafil), the commercial media has made expectations for cure very high. Unfortunately not all men with erectile dysfunction have successful treatment. The
dysfunction affects not only the men but their partners as well.

A recent study in the United Kingdom looked at a comparison of 20 men who had a successful response to sildenafil versus 20 men who did not. The age ranges were 22-72 years with a median age of 51.8 years. The investigators conducted interviews with the men to determine the impact that erectile dysfunction had on their self esteem and relationships, as well as
exploring their expectations of sildenafil as a treatment and the impact its success or failure had on how they felt.

As far as age goes, the investigators found sildenafil to be more successful under age 45 and less successful over age 65. The feelings of the men with erectile dysfunction before treatment included:

severe depression - 12%
emasculation  - 30%
letting partner down - 22%
felt partner would "go elsewhere" - 15%
inability to discuss with partner - 37%

After treatment, investigators also found a rebound negative effect in the men who did not have a curative response from the sildenafil. In other words their expectations were raised by the media hype of the drug and when it did not work for them, the new blow to their self esteem was
even more severe than the original feelings.

Even though there is now a treatment for erectile dysfunction, the disease and its treatment has a significant impact on both men and their women partners.

Imperial Gold Maca™ plays a very important role in today's search for hormonal balance for men. Increased energy and improved physical stamina are very common and may be a benefit for the user.